Christophe Nowicki

November 27, 2009

xPL Perl update script for Pachube

I’ve wrote a small update script for Pachube based on xPL-Perl.
This module is based on Beanz’s Net::Pachube module.
I use this script, for my pachube feed.


The setup is very simple on Debian GNU/Linux, at first you need the Net::Pachube module :
$ wget
$ tar xzf Net-Pachube-0.01.tar.gz
$ cd Net-Pachube-0.01
$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
# make install

Note: the dh-make-perl method does not work, with this package ;-(

Then you can grab, my xpl-pachube script :

$ svn co
# chmod +x xpl-pachube/xpl-pachube
# mv xpl-pachube/xpl-pachube /usr/local/bin


You can start the xpl-pachube script in verbose this way :

$ xpl-pachube -key 52b37888404598851de -verbose -feed_id 1934 class=sensor device=cc128.01189.0.1

You need to change the -key and -feed_id arguments.

That’s all folks!

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